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Hello beautiful souls and welcome to Ophelia Photography. Please come and join me on this magical journey of discovering your self worth and your divine self.  

This is not just a photo shoot, it is an experience, a little bit of me time to be free, to feel and look like Goddess that you are. 

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The best gift you could ever give yourself is permission to be happy

”Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless”

Book boudoir shoot now


Book boudoir shoot now


Book boudoir shoot now

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''I have been toying the idea of a nude photo shoot for a few years. After 3 babies, (2 boys age 9 & 5, we lost our 2nd baby little boy Brodie 7 years ago), redundancy, starting a new business, mental health battles and bringing up 2 fantastic boys with my over supportive hubby for the last 9 years, I wanted to do something for me. To capture me as I am now, rolls, bumps, lumps and all. I also wanted to show a real body, no airbrushing, no make up… This is ME! I loved the session with Charlotte, it was very freeing and a huge confidence boost. The results are fantastic, I love them and can’t thank Charlotte enough for capturing me in such a unique way. Go for it ladies!''



I've been trying to loose weight and heal my relationship with my body for years. I booked in a session with Charl thinking I'd get a few photos of me at a heavy weight that would be great before for my weightloss journey. I was a little worried about doing the shoot in a bikini but Charl made me feel right at home. We laughed, she made me feel comfortable and I was able to relax into poses without stressing about what I looked like. It was a really positive experience. That evening Charl sent the photos through and I was taken a back, they were incredible and made me see my body in a whole new light, they even changed my attitude to weightloss. The photos made me see my body the way my husband does and I no longer feel a desperate urge to drop the pounds. I absolute love the pictures and so does my husband!

Yusuf Pathan

Yusuf Pathan

Nature Photographer

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